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Scuba diving for fossilized shark teeth is my job, I love looking for and finding megalodon teeth in dark water rivers across the southeast US. I offset some of my diving and driving expenses by offering some of my megalodon teeth for sale. I am fortunate that many people have chosen me and Dark Water Megs as their source for their diver-found, quality megalodon teeth.

Whenever someone purchases a megalodon tooth from us at Dark Water Megs I try my best to make sure they get exactly what they wanted in a timely manner. Dark Water Megs is my job and I try to be as professional as possible and get both individual retail buyers and wholesalers the best quality shark tooth fossils that are for sale. I am fortunate that sometimes people want to share their great experience purchasing shark teeth and allow me to post them.
Below are just a few of the comments and testimonials I have received.


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Purchased from DarkWaterMegs
Just received this bad boy among a bunch of others in a big package. I couldn't be happier and heading to sturgis this makes me smile



I have been purchasing product from Dark Water Meg's and I am extremely happy with all of the fossils I have received. Great deals and easy resell. A no brainer! Jason is very easy to work with, and very friendly. A great company!






Picked up some awesome hemi's from Jason, the teeth were much more than I expected! Jason was super helpful, accommodating and made sure I got what I wanted, not to mention the prices are more than fair. Thank you Dark Water Megs for a great buying experience, I will be back.






I received a tooth from Jason and I was so excited to receive before Christmas, so that I can show and tell my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Jason was a great person to work with and has only quality products and received the tooth in only a few days. Thanks DARK WATER MEGS. I will do business with them again and would recommend them to everyone.








** I just want to say what a pleasant experience I had this week when I went shopping for a few inexpensive but good quality Meg teeth here at Dark Water Megs. I contacted Jason, explained what I was looking for, and he went right to work. Within the hour Jason had put together a selection of meg teeth for me, well within my price range, and suggestions on what would work best for my needs. Two days later I was doing the Happy Dance at my mailbox ! I could not be more pleased with my purchase, awesome quality and size, and I know my nephew (7) will be just as excited and will think he has the Coolest Aunt in the world ! Thanks Jason and Dark Waters for your help in creating a Christmas gift I am sure he will remember forever !!! :-)






Thank you for the shark tooth
Love Hayes






I received a killer tooth (actually two teeth!) right before Christmas, and didn't plan on this being here at this time. It made it with VERY safe and comfortable packaging, and I am just over the moon to have it. I plan to keep Jason as my tooth seller as he seems to have all the right knowledge and photos to show exactly what you are getting. 100% happy, and thank you again! Karen Cody