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During the course of a good year of diving I can find quite a few megalodon teeth and other fossilized shark teeth. I sell some of those teeth to help offset a portion of my diving expenses. While I do sell some fossilized shark teeth individually I also offer wholesale megalodon teeth in larger quantities.
For wholesale megalodon orders please review the page below and Contact Me directly for a quote.

Large Lot Wholsale Megalodon Teeth


What Qualifies As Wholesale Megalodon Tooth Order
Wholesale orders of megalodon teeth are sold to individuals or businesses interested in purchasing large wholesale quantities of fossilized shark teeth, often with the interest of reselling them for a profit. Wholesale buyers often sell megalodon teeth in fossil stores, online, gift shops, or other retail outlets. For someone to receive wholesale pricing a buyer must be buying more than a retail quantity of megalodon or other shark teeth and a general minimum is around $500. The wholesale buyer must also be able to receive group pictures of their purchase so multiple pictures of each shark tooth are not necessary (saving time). Buyers interested in individual teeth or a retail purchase I encourage to visit one of the many shops that carry teeth I have found or check out my Online Store.


Wholesale Megalodon Tooth Grades
Fossilized megalodon and other shark teeth sold wholesale have their price determined by several factors but one of those significant factors is condition, or grade. I try to grade my teeth using a percentage system rather than a 1-10 or A,B,C,D,F grade rating so I can communicate desired quality with the wholesale buyer and have the grade be less opinion based or subjective. Typically a wholesale buyer will request megalodon or other fossilized shark teeth of a certain grade or percentage range so I can narrow down choices of a large wholesale inventory.

Wholesale Megalodon Tooth Grades


<50% or Frags
These teeth are broken and are often just part of a megalodon tooth. While these teeth are not complete they come at a much lower price point than complete teeth and make a great option for kids or customers with a lower retail budget who want part of a real megalodon tooth.
Frag Wholesale Megalodon Teeth


75% or 3/4's
These teeth have a significant break in them caused by the shark when feeding or during the millions of years since. These teeth will often have a corner or tip missing and although they are not complete they are a good wholesale purchase as they typically come with a respectable margin for profit and can be acquired for less than other wholesale megalodon teeth.

3/4 Wholesale Megalodon Teeth


Megalodon teeth in this wholesale category have some flaw but are a mostly complete fossilized tooth. To a new collector these teeth are often considered very good and without prior knowledge or explanation they do not appear to be anything less than a complete fossil.

Good Wholesale Megalodon Teeth


Wholesale 90% teeth are close to complete and usually only have minor issues, possibly a little root damage, some feeding marks, or enamel peel are often the only things keeping these teeth from being outstanding.

High Quality Wholesale Megalodon Teeth



It is rare to find a megalodon tooth that is over 95% complete and therefore if they are large are often the more expensive teeth to purchase wholesale. These teeth fetch the highest retail price but often must be sold to collectors or individuals with significant disposable income in order to sell them.

Top Quality Wholesale Megalodon Teeth



Wholesale megalodon and other wholesale fossilized shark teeth are measured from blade tip to root tip and measured in inches. See How To Measure A Shark Tooth for more information on exactly how teeth are measured before selling wholesale. When selling teeth wholesale, especially lower graded teeth measurements are often rounded as opposed to measured to the thousandth of an inch as they are when selling for retail. Often a wholesale buyer will receive a picture of several requested megalodon teeth in the 3-4" range with measurements of the smallest and largest tooth.

Wholesale Megalodon Size Difference

Cleaned VS Uncleaned Wholesale Megalodon Teeth
Some megalodon teeth come out of the water covered in mud, oysters, barnacles, plants life, or other things that lead them to possibly being cleaned. Some retail and wholesale buyers prefer megalodon teeth that have not been cleaned so I offer some of both to my wholesale buyers. The teeth that have been cleaned have been cleaned carefully to not damage the tooth and teeth are never repaired or restored.

Cleaned VS Uncleaned Wholesale Megalodon Teeth


Wholesale Megalodon Teeth Priced Individually
When pricing megalodon and other fossilized shark teeth for wholesale I do take the time to price them individually. Some wholesale sellers will sell all 4" shark teeth for same price which I do not believe is fair for the customer. If I have 30 4" shark teeth and you as a wholesale buyer would like to buy 20 there are surely some that are better than others, and in my opinion they should be priced accordingly. In order to pass on lower wholesale pricing I will quickly price the teeth you select or request; however pricing teeth individually to give you a wholesale total ensures that you get what you pay for. Wholesale megalodon teeth are priced based on size, condition, quantity purchased, and several other factors, feel free to take a look at How Much Is A Megalodon Tooth Worth for detailed information on what effects the value of a wholesale megalodon tooth.

Wholesale Quantity
Wholesale megalodon teeth pricing does require purchasing larger quantities than retail. Typically around $500 a wholesale buyer starts to get Large Quantity of Megalodon Teethsignificant price savings assuming they are purchasing a moderate plus amount of wholesale shark teeth. I am able to offer wholesale pricing by selling in higher volume so larger orders will benefit from a lower price point as there are fewer communications, pictures, descriptions, payments to take, megalodon packages to ship, etc. That being said I work with very large volume fossils sellers all the way down to small mom and pop shops so please feel free to Contact Me if you are interested in a wholesale purchase.


Wholesale Megalodon Variety Box
Some retailers and sellers of shark teeth are just getting started in business or are testing the waters adding fossilized megalodon shark teeth as a product. Often these wholesale buyers will not know what kind, grade, or size shark tooth will sell the best or have the best margin in their market and often ask for a variety of fossilized teeth in their first shipment so they can see which their customers are drawn to the most. Upon request I can assemble a variety order based on the wholesale buyer's requested budget that will include a variety of sizes, grades, and species of fossilized shark teeth along with other fossils. This allows the wholesale buyer to see what sells the best in their region or store base on their customers budget and preference.


Payment for wholesale shark tooth orders is made by the buyer in Dollars (USD) there are several payment options available depending on the location of the buyer, if they will be picking up the teeth in person, having them shipped, or are outside the USA.

Shipping of wholesale megalodon teeth and other fossils is possible. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the wholesale buyer but I can give a quote once I receive the wholesale buyer's address. I do not charge handling fees and wholesale buyers pay the actual shipping cost of their order or slightly less or more depending on the size of the order and if other fossils are added to the wholesale order after a shipping quote is given. Because I sell only teeth I find I can guarantee their authenticity and that they are free of repair and restoration, because of this I do not offer exchanges or refunds as I cannot guarantee teeth have not been modified once out of my custody. In some cases wholesale orders can be picked up in Northeast Florida or in cases of very larger orders can be delivered if the wholesale buyer's location is within 200 miles.


International Buyers (Outside the USA)
I do sell wholesale megalodon teeth to customers outside the United States. However it is important to consider that measurements are in inches, prices are quoted in Dollars (USD) and that some shipping and customs work needs to be accounted for, the full shipping price will be quoted and paid for but the buyer is responsible for all import duties, taxes, tariffs, and any restrictions. For shipping I can not guarantee delivery once the item has entered your country and my shipping responsibility is to get it to your country. Once it has arrived in your country at customs it may take some time to clear and be delivered and often package tracking is not available once it has made it to the destination country so my shipping control and responsibility stops once it has reached the destination country. Fortunately for international customers looking to purchase megalodon teeth wholesale there are tools online that can easily convert currencies and measurements for easy understanding and consideration.

Why do you sell your megalodon teeth wholesale?

Wholesaling megalodon teeth cuts down on shipping.
No elaborate pictures or descriptions needed.
You can also check out the new Wholesale Page for wholesale megalodon teeth and other fossils.

After seeing how hard and dangerous diving for megalodon teeth can be I often get asked why and how I sell my fossil sharks teeth. I sell some of the teeth I don't keep for my personal collection in order to offset some of my diving expenses. I sell most of my teeth wholesale as it affords me more time to do what I enjoy, diving for megalodon teeth. In this article I outline some of the reasons I choose to sell megalodon teeth wholesale instead of individually. I sell some of my fossil sharks teeth directly to the public via my online store and wholesale buyers can contact me for wholesale inventory and pricing.


First off searching for, finding, and selling megalodon teeth and other fossils is now my day job.  I started hunting shark teeth several years ago and since then it has become my primary focus.  I go out in search of shark teeth sell them sold to help offset the expenses of dark water diving and provide income.
I do sell some shark teeth retail to the public via my website and occasionally sell a few teeth through my Facebook page or even Ebay.  But the majority of the megalodon teeth and other fossilized shark teeth I sell are sold wholesale.  The reason I sell most of my megalodon teeth wholesale is time, taking photographs, writing descriptions, posting listings, answering buyer questions, shipping, and processing payments can take a significant amount of time.  For me that is time that I could be scuba diving for shark teeth which I much prefer to selling shark teeth.  Selling fossilized shark teeth wholesale allows me to sell large quantities of megalodon and other shark teeth at once, wholesale buyers are often more educated than retail customers which cuts down questions etc.



Wholesale megalodon teeth for sale

Benefits to selling megalodon and other shark teeth wholesale.

No elaborate photo shoots of megalodon teeth
No lengthy descriptions of shark teeth
No posting/publishing listings
Not having to set up a booth at a fossil show
Not having to educate each buyer
Massive time savings over retailing teeth

Wholesale megalodon teeth for sale

Benefits of selling megalodon shark teeth retail.

Significantly higher price than selling megalodon teeth wholesale (2-3x)
Getting to know more tooth collectors
Less price negotiation than wholesale
Getting feedback from people who enjoyed their megalodon tooth or gave it as a gift.

Besides the time that is involved there are numerous other factors that contribute to me selling the majority of my megalodon and other shark teeth wholesale instead of directly to collectors.
Wholesale megalodon teeth for sale
When selling a megalodon tooth individually buyers often want to see the front and the back, along with a couple other different angles, to be competitive in selling a tooth online you need good photographs with proper lighting and focus.  It can take 2-3 tries to get a good picture of a megalodon tooth from just one angle and by the time you select your picture, crop any excess background if necessary, and post the picture you have devoted a fair amount of time to selling that megalodon tooth to a retail customer.
In contrast when selling megalodon teeth wholesale, buyers will often ask for a specific type or size of tooth in bulk and sending a group shot of the fossil shark teeth requested is adequate.

Wholesale megalodon teeth for sale

When selling a fossil shark tooth online some kind of description is required, even if it is fairly short and to the point it requires the species of shark (mako, megalodon, etc) along with specific measurements and a description of the condition, jaw position, etc.  Describing a megalodon tooth is not a long or labor intensive process however if you have several teeth to list it can take some time, especially when precise measurements of the tooth are required.
Wholesale megalodon tooth buyers on the other hand are typically buying a large quantity of the same kind of tooth.  For example an individual retail customer might be purchasing a "3.12" Megalodon tooth, lower jaw position, found in the Cooper River in 2013" while someone looking to purchase wholesale megalodon teeth would be interested in "30 Megalodon teeth ranging from 3-4 inches"

Shipping megalodon teeth and other fossil shark teeth is fairly self explanatory when it comes to the difference.  Retail buyers will often purchase one or two fossil shark teethWholesale megalodon teeth for sale while someone who owns a store might want to purchase 30 megalodon teeth wholesale. 
To sell those 30 megalodon teeth to a wholesaler it might be as easy as dropping them off at their store or sending out two large boxes via mail or UPS.  However, to sell those same 30 megalodon teeth to retail buyers online it would require 20-30 separate boxes, addresses, trips to the post office, etc.
The price per tooth selling individual teeth instead of selling megalodon teeth wholesale is significantly less but it is also a lot less packaging, addressing, and shipping.  The shipping issue gets compounded when sending fossils overseas, high postage rates, difficult tracking, and long customs forms can quickly add up into a significant time investment to send one shark tooth to a buyer as opposed to sending a box of megalodon teeth to a wholesale buyer.

Assuming I am selling the shark teeth not donating them to a school or giving them away to friends and family as I do fairly frequently, there is the option of getting paid.  Some tooth buyers purchase megalodon teeth directly through my website, they checkout with PayPal or a credit card and there is not much complexity to it.  However sometimes people ask to send a check or money order and when it is a retail buyer that can slow the process down. 
For instance I recently had a gentleman contact me on Facebook, he was looking for a 5" tooth to give to his grandson for his birthday, the typical issues with selling individual teeth came up, pictures, questions, etc but eventually he found one he liked within his budget and agreed to purchase it.  However he wanted to send a money order, so I set the tooth aside and waited for payment to arrive.  Unfortunately due to several circumstances beyond my control it was about a month later before the money order for the megalodon tooth showed up, during that month I had that tooth set aside and had a wholesale buyer offer to purchase it, and had to move it several times, all the meanwhile keeping track of who it was promised to.  Eventually the money came and I sent it off, and it was a great hit at the grandson's birthday and I was glad to help, but the time of keeping that tooth set aside and not accidentally selling it, listing it, etc was an issue.
Typically wholesale buyers are much quicker and more efficient with payment as they are asking me to hold a larger quantity of fossilized megalodon and other shark teeth.

If you are looking to purchase wholesale megalodon teeth for sale I have some on my web store Megalodon Shark Teeth For Sale (both cleaned and uncleaned) as an example but sell most of my wholesale megalodon teeth directly, contact me for pictures of wholesale inventory and pricing. You can also learn more about my wholesale megalodon inventory and wholesale process by viewing my new Wholesale Page.

Wholesale Megalodon Teeth "Price Per Pound" issues

While "Price Per Pound" can be a good rough guide there are issues

I sell some Megalodon teeth wholesale in larger quantities. Many sellers use "Price Per Pound" and in this article I highlight some of the issues with that model that need to be kept in mind in order to ensure fair and consistent pricing when purchasing wholesale megalodon teeth.

Wholesale Pricing Megalodon Teeth

Many people who buy and sell megalodon teeth in large or wholesale quantities use weight to determine final price.  A price per pound is agreed upon along with a quantity that both parties are comfortable with to arrive at a final price.  While this method is often used it has some significant downsides that both buyers and sellers need to be aware of, in this article I will highlight some of the issues.

On paper per pound pricing seems like it makes sense, and for large volumes of broken teeth it does to save time as the price difference of a "frag" or part of a broken tooth  (see below) is represented pretty well by weight due to quality being low across the category and the difference in price between one "frag" and another of the same weight is minimal.Purchase megalodon teeth in bluk






















Once you get above 3/4 teeth or 75% complete teeth the per pound system falls apart pretty quickly.  Some people still use it as it seems quick/easy/fair, but the issue is in size and quality, and most wholesale sellers like the system simply because it allows them to adjust the dials while still having the "price per pound" stay the same.Three Quarter Megalodon Teeth For instance if you took 100x "4 inch teeth that were say 85% complete teeth there would be a lot of variability and even a novice fossil collector could pick out the top 10 and bottom 10 quality teeth from that group pretty accurately, along with those teeth not all being exactly 4.00".
You can tear apart "price per pound" pricing really quickly by getting a quote for 10lbs of 4.5" 85% percent complete teeth, and 10lbs of 2" 85% complete meg teeth.  The number of 2" teeth you get per pound is so much higher and the actual cost per tooth makes that pricing model fall apart very quickly.
The other issue comes when there is a significant range of what people call  "good / commercial / complete / etc" teeth, even if you got 100 tooth sellers and resellers together in a room and had each grade 1000 4" megs and pull out only 100 of those teeth that they considered true "complete teeth", even if by some miracle you got all 100 sellers to pick more or less the same 100 out of 1000 teeth, within those 100 "complete / average / commercial" teeth there would be some teeth that are better than others, and therefore should have a higher or lower price.  For this reason I price teeth individually so one buyer doesn't get the top half of those 100 85” teeth teeth and the next person gets the bottom half.  As far as people keeping 85% teeth at a consistent price over a long period of time, they simple slide the quality scale towards the bottom half of those 100 85% grade teeth a bit so your "per pound price" stays the same but what you are actually getting keeps up with current market value/inflation/etc.




A couple of quick examples below.

Buy wholesale megalodon teeth
First are up these two large, nice megs, seen above. 
They both are in really good shape but both have a very small enamel ding below the burlette on the right side, so we are going to say these teeth from a quality perspective are VERY close, maybe a 5% quality difference.  I picked these two teeth out for this example out of the high quality section of my inventory because it is tough to get two 90%+ teeth to have the damage in the exact same spot etc, but the same theory applies to lower quality teeth.
As far as size goes they are VERY close in size being 5.81 and 5.71" so .1" (2.5mm) off in size or less than a 3% difference in size.  So if we say these teeth based on the primary two criteria that retail and wholesale buyers look at for pricing a tooth we can say these two teeth are extremely close.
Now we look at the weight.  One is 9.5oz and the other is 1lb 4.8oz (20.8 oz) 
That means one tooth is over twice the weight of the other.  (2.19x)
I would never, but for simple math say I priced these teeth at $1,000 a pound.  They would absolutely be the same quality category, and the same size category, but one would cost $593 and the other would cost $1,300 simply going by size/quality categories and using weight as the primary metric.  Not fair at all to you as a wholesale buyer in my opinion as I don't think there is any way you are going to be able to sell one of those teeth for 2.19x the cost of the other.  The heavy tooth is wider and would likely command a higher price, but nowhere near 2.19x higher.

Large Wholesale Megalodon Teeth

I know retail buyers would not pay 2.19 times the price for the larger tooth, it is wider and should have a bit higher price in my opinion, but about a 20-40% price difference depending what the other side looks like etc. but certainly not 2.19 times more.



Next an example of smaller megalodon teeth.
Small Megalodon Teet Sold By The Pound
To further illustrate this we have three teeth that are VERY close in size and weight.  All are around 2.7" long, all are just under 3oz.  The big difference obviously is quality.
Looking at these three teeth it is obvious the quality difference, but keep in mind that between these three quality landmarks there is a ton of quality range in-between. 
So imagine instead of these 3 teeth ranging from bad to OK to great as shown above, there are 30 teeth with the one on the left above being the worst, and the one on the right above being the best.  Should 5-10 of those teeth spanning a fairly significant quality range all be priced the same because they had the same weight?  Pricing teeth that way by weight is quick and easy, but it leaves a ton of variability and makes it so pricing is not consistent, as there is a ton of variability in tooth quality, as no two are the same.
Weight of Megalodon Teeth

The same is true for 3/4 teeth, as you can see below the two teeth are almost the exact same weight (3.56oz and 3.53oz) but one is in significantly better condition that the other. Examples like these highlight why purchasing from a reputable wholesale megalodon dealer is important.

Per pound megalodon teeth three quarter

Yet another example of two teeth that should be worth very close to the same on the wholesale or retail market, but one is twice the weight of the other.
Megalodon pricing by the pound

Sometimes people will ask for the price per pound and I simply take the weight of the lot I priced and the lot price and give them that per pound weight but also let them know I price teeth individually.  Some people are used to purchasing teeth by the pound so knowing the per pound price helps them feel better knowing they are in the ballpark and not paying $500lb for 75% complete teeth.  Price per pound can be helpful for ballpark price estimates but for fair and consistent pricing the price per pound model leaves a lot of variability that often does not benefit the wholesale megalodon tooth buyer.

The price per pound model definitely has its flaws, it is a model a lot of wholesale megalodon sellers like because it lets them adjust sales to their benefit by using the price per pound method, which is a really bad metric.  Like in the example above, two teeth that measure the same size, are the same quality and when priced individually would have maybe a 35% price difference, when done via weight you end up with one "costing" 2.19 times more than the other using the "price per pound" model.

While using the price per pound model to buy or sell megalodon teeth is helpful for getting a ballpark idea of price or estimate large quantities of teeth being purchased as the quality of the teeth to up the effectiveness of the wholesale megalodon price per pound model goes down.

Even for broken teeth or "frags" the price per pound model is far from perfect, see the example below of two broken megalodon teeth with simular weights but drasticially different conditions and values.
Buy broken bulk megalodon shark teeth per pound

If you are interested in purchasing Wholesale megalodon teeth you can find them on the Wholesale page of my website, there you will find some information so you can request a quote.

To summarize if you want to use the price per pound model to buy broken megalodon teeth that is often the most efficient way, however the price per pound model is best used as a secondary pricing metric when teeth are mostly complete.


If you would like to buy individual megalodon teeth and other fossilized shark teeth you can find them on my Store page.