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During the warmer months I enjoy being out on the rivers and diving in search of fossil megalodon shark teeth, I keep some for my personal collection but others go on my website under megalodon teeth for sale. I will do my best to post frequent updates in this coming dive season.

I have been asked to keep people updated on recent finds and dive trips that I have gone on in search of megalodon shark teeth.
This dive season I am going to make an effort to post updates and pictures from dive trips as they are taken.


This summer and fall have been challenging with both mechanical and environmental factors outside of my control. Grateful to have found some great fossils megalodon teeth on some of the dives.

Megalodon tooth found by Dark Water Megs


The days of dirty hands from cleaning megalodon teeth are still a regular occurrence, but this time of year I start to focus more on diving and finding fossil megalodon shark teeth, wish me luck.
hands holding megalodon tooth

Diving a bit less this time of year due to weather conditions and still recovering from an injury (info below). But taking the time to get some teeth and equipment cleaned up.
Dark Water Megs cleaning teeth


Well diving for megalodon teeth is going to be on hold for a little a bit while I heal up. Injured my hand so will be unable to dive in the rivers due to the high currents and need for fully functioning hands. In the meantime I am catching up on restocking the website with fossil shark teeth, shipping orders, and servicing equipment.

Megalodon injury

Fortunately I have been able to dive some lately, not as much as I would like but no controlling the weather. With diving for megalodon teeth comes equipment usage, and diving in the salt and brackish water is really tough on the diver, along with dive and boat equipment.
Dark Water Megs Boat Maintinence

Diving more regularly and getting gear serviced that is due, water is SLOWLY warming up.
Scuba gear for megalodon diving

The days are getting shorter and the water is getting colder. Trying to find a few more megalodon shark teeth before the winter conditions fully roll in.


The weather has been very cooperative for diving this year and I have spent many days in the water. You can see and purchase some of the megalodon teeth I have found on the store page.

Diving for megalodon teeth


After several years the Dark Water Megs Megalodon Jaw is complete. You can read more about it here.
Megalodon Jaw Dark Water Megs

Coming Soon
Coming soon there will be a new Information Page article with details and pictures.
Big Megalodon Jaw

With a pandemic going on and weather patterns being unusual for this time of year, taking some time to clean some teeth and service some dive equipment.
Cleaning Megalodon Teeth


Early June
The battle against rust continues. The brackish and salt water that I dive in searching for megalodon shark teeth destroys all metal that is not stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or titanium. Unfortunately some parts just can't be sourced in those metals so there is a constant battle of rinsing, rust removal, and eventually replacing. Fortunately my time spent repairing and replacing dive and boat equipment has paid off with some megalodon shark teeth and other fossils found recently.
Boat repair for megalodon shark teeth


Late August
I am very fortunate to have dark water rivers that contain megalodon teeth within 2-4 of my home. However most of those rivers are brackish and have a lot of salt content. How much salt content? Enough that you have trailer components rust and break before the price tag comes off. (The trailer, boat, and dive gear gets a good rinse at the end of each day but everything is often covered in salt for 12-14 hours by the time I drive, dive and drive back home).
Broken spring in megalodon tooth finding dive boat


Mid July
Some bad weather and some big tides have kept me out of the water a little more than I like for this time of year but it has given me a chance to clean some teeth. Sometimes cleaning teeth to be sold is like finding them again, you find characteristics you were not aware of on the megalodon tooth after cleaning off dirt, debris, barnacles, etc. While most of it is a labor intensive process there are fun aspects to cleaning megalodon teeth for retail and wholesale, some of the recently cleaned megalodon and other shark teeth are available on my website store.

Cleaned Megalodon Tooth For Sale


Late July
Saltwater strikes again. Diving for megalodon shark teeth in dark water rivers in the Southeast US means diving in salt or brackish water, neither of which outboard motors like. I was shut down by a small 2"x2" part, fortunately I was able to get it up and running myself after taking an hour or two to figure out the problem.
Broken motor on dark water megs diving boat


Late April
The saltwater environment unfortunately is rough on dive equipment and boats. This month a casualty of hunting for megalodon teeth was that the steering cable in my boat broke in dramatic fashion.
Was able to get it fixed a few days later but it was a long trip back to the boat ramp with no steering wheel, to top it off for a rough day I only found one fossilized shark tooth that day and it was under 1".

Broken Boat Used to Find Megalodon Shark Teeth Diving
Next up, some trailer hardware replacement.
Rusted traielr on megalodon shark tooth finding dive boat

I had some teeth sell on my online shark tooth store store and I recently spent some time photographing and listing some new fossils for sale including megalodon shark teeth, mako teeth, whale inner ear bone fossils, and some other fossils. Taking pictures of fossils is not my favorite thing to do but on the days that the weather is not suitable to dive for teeth it is a good use of time until the next time I can dive for megalodon teeth.

Recently Listed Megalodon Teeth For Sale, With Other Fossils

A question I get a lot is "why do you sell your megalodon and other fossil shark teeth?" and my answer is usually "diving for them is expensive".
For example today I took delivery of 12 high pressure hot dip galvanized scuba tanks. These tanks hold more air than traditional aluminum tanks and if they were made well (will know in a couple of years) they should last for several decades.
The downside is they run about $420 + tax +cap + fill. Every tooth I find is different and while I would like to keep them all it is necessary for me to sell some, along with donating and giving some away to friends in order to continue to be able to dive for them on a regular basis, and not run out of room to display them.

So if you ever wonder what happens to the proceeds of one of the shark teeth you bought form my online store, the answer is in the picture below.

Tanks for finding megalodon shark teeth


Late April
Well I have done a pretty poor job of keeping this portion of the site updated but had a picture today that warranted sharing and figured this was a good place to post it. Winter this year has been particularly mild and although the water temperatures did get cold and I was required to use my drysuit it was not as cold as some of the recent winters. I have been fortunate enough to be able to dive a fair amount and have high hopes for the coming spring and summer. You can find some of the shark teeth I found this winter including megalodon shark teeth for sale on my web store.
Megalodon Shark Teeth For Sale


Early May
The water is warmer and the weather has cooperated so I have been able to spend some time in one of my favorite places, the bottom of a dark water river feeling around in low to no visibility for megalodon shark teeth and other fossilized shark teeth.
May looks to be a good year as I have already had some very nice finds, these two megalodon teeth are nowhere near as large as they come but as far as condition and unique color they are pretty hard to beat, megalodon teeth of this quality are very difficult to find.

Late April

With the water warming up and the weather improving the time has come to do some serious diving when time allows. With some free days on the horizon and the forecast looking good I will soon be on the bottom of some dark water rivers looking for megalodon teeth and other fossilized shark teeth.
The Megs Are Calling And I Must Go


Early April
Weather continues to improve as do the quality of the finds, hit a small area that produced some nice fossils recently including some top condition megalodon teeth, some are going in my private collection and some will be availiable in my store shortly.

Late March - Back in Black (scuba gear and megalodon teeth)
With winter finally deciding to take off for the year and water temperatures rising I have been able to get back in the water a couple of times and have had some pretty good luck to start out the year.


Early March

With most of the major repairs made to the boat it will soon be time to jump back in the dark waters of the Southeast, fight the heavy currents, and feel around for some megalodon teeth. Before that happens I took the boat for a test run to make sure all the winter modifications and improvements worked well, the boat ran great and the water is out of the 50s. After a couple more weeks of warmish weather and a few repairs and upgrades to the boat trailer I will be back scuba diving for megalodon teeth.


Mid February
With the air and water temperatures still cold I am working on the final few boat repairs for the upcoming dive season. I hope to get the first dive for shark teeth in 2015 underway shortly, due to the cold temperatures it may only be 1-2 tanks but the urge to get back out on the water is starting to be more than I can handle. Being out of the water has given me some time to list and sell some shark teeth from last dive season and I recently shipped some retail and wholesale orders.



Late January
With air and water temperatures still well below comfortable I am focusing on sorting through the shark teeth and other fossils that I found last dive season. I have also been spending some time selling and shipping shark teeth to people around the world.

Boat maintinence is also on the schedule this winter, most of my dives this past year were in saltwater intercostal rivers, ocean water has a lot of salt in it and unfortunately niether water or salt are good for metal, electronics, engines, or all the other things that make up my shark tooth finding boat. Not only does some general scheduled maintinence on the boat need to be addressed but there are some components that have iether come to the end of their expected life cycle, or were inferior products and unfortunately did not last as long as they should have, so I will be replacing several key components of my boat this year.