Dark Water Megs Megalodon Tooth Finding Videos

More Coming Soon

These videos were filmed by me while diving for Megalodon teeth in the Southeast US. Most of them are very short as most people do not have the patience to watch an hour plus dive that may only have a couple of teeth being found for the whole duration.
Most of these videos showing fossilized shark teeth being found underwater show the tooth as it was found, a couple the camera was turned on as one was seen, or right after one was felt under sand, grave, clay, or other bottom composition.
The majority of these videos were filmed 30-100ft underwater, it was so dark no sunlight penetrated, visibility on average was under 1ft, and there were currents ranging from 1-4 knots. So please forgive the video quality, there is only so much that can be done in that environment.

For better viewing you may want to watch these videos full screen