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I love scuba diving for megalodon shark teeth and also really enjoy sharing my finds and knowledge with others. In this section of the website I try to answer some questions that I get on a regular basis. These articles go into more depth than the short updates I give throughout the season and I hope you will find reading about how I find these fossilized shark teeth including the megalodon interesting.


Megalodon Collector Impacts of The Meg movie How Will The New Movie "The Meg" Impact Megalodon Tooth Collectors And Interest In Megalodon
In this article I take a little time to share some predictions on the effect the new movie "The Meg" will have on the general public's perception of megalodons and modern day sharks, along with my guess on what that will do to the megalodon tooth colloctor market.
How to Take Pictures of Megalodon Teeth For Sale and other Shark Teeth How To Take A Picture of A Shark Tooth Or Other Fossil For Identification
This article provides simple and cost free ways to take quality pictures of your megalodon shark teeth and other fossils for the purpose of sharing them and getting help with identification.
Different Colored Megalodon Teeth For Sale Why Do Some Megalodon Teeth Have Different Colors
This article explains how megalodon teeth get their colors both during and after the fossilization process.
Many Megalodon Teeth For Sale Are Broken Many Megalodon Teeth are broken when found
This article attempts to explain how a vast majority of fossilized megalodon teeth that are found are broken and why many megalodon teeth for sale have some condition issues. (Click to read full article)
Don't Buy Modern Great White Shark Teeth Don't Buy Modern Shark Teeth - You Are Encouraging Shark Poaching
This article highlights the negative impact of people purchasing modern (non-fossilized) great white shark teeth.
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Wholesale Vs Retail Megalodon Teeth "Wholesale Megalodon Teeth Sales vs. Selling Retail"- I explain why I typically chose to sell megalodon and other fossil shark teeth wholesale instead of individually.
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Cleaning Megalodon Teeth With Vinegar

"A Warning About Cleaning Fossilized Megalodon Teeth With Vinegar" - I try to explain and show (lots of pictures) the dangers of cleaning fossilized shark teeth with vinegar and other acids.
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Why scuba dive in dark rivers for megalodon teeth "Why Do You Dive In Darkwater Rivers For Megalodon Teeth?" - I attempt to answer the common question of why I choose to hunt for megalodon teeth in darkwater rivers instead of beachcoming, landsite hunting, or walking creeks and streams.
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How to Measure A Megalodon Tooth "How To Measure A Megalodon Tooth" - I answer some common questions that arise when people ask how a fossilized shark tooth is measured.
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How dark is the water when diving for megalodon teeth "Really How Dark Is It Down There?" - An explanation of how dark the water gets when scuba diving for megalodon teeth and some pictures to give you an idea what it is like.
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Is darkwater diving for megalodon teeth dangerous "Is Darkwater Diving Dangerous?" - I address some of the main dangers and concerns associated with darkwater diving in rivers looking for fossilized shark teeth.
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How much is a megalodon tooth worth "How Much Is A Megalodon Tooth Worth?" - I outline some of the contributing factors that go into pricing megalodon teeth and other fossilzied shark teeth.
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