Why i can't take you megalodon diving

There are many reasons I can not take you on a megalodon tooth diving charter.
This article breaks down the various reasons why I am unable to take you diving for megalodon teeth with me.

"Can I go megalodon shark tooth diving with you to recover some fossil shark teeth?"

"I just want to find my own megalodon tooth, I don’t want to buy one so can I come dive with you?"

"Megalodon teeth seem expensive to buy, I would rather have you take me on a scuba charter to find megalodon teeth, when can we go?"

Are questions I get on an almost daily basis, the answer unfortunately, for many reasons, is no.
Megalodon tooth in hand. Can not take you on a scuba charter

Many people would like to accompany me on a megalodon shark tooth dive and have me take them out as a charter to dive for fossil teeth.  Unfortunately, I am not able to take people shark tooth diving with me as a guest or as a charter.
People ask to go on a megalodon charter

Below I will go over some of the many reasons why I am unable to take people on a megalodon shark tooth charter dive. The short video below also may help give you some idea.


The primary reasons expanded on below I cannot take you on a megalodon tooth dive charter are:
- Liability
- Dangerous Diving
- Unpredictable Weather
- Marine Life
- Specialized Equipment
- Dark Water
- Swift Current
- Moderate to High Chance of Being Injured
- Several Divers Have Recently Died Tooth Diving
- I Would Feel Guilty
- Secret Spots
- Liability

The first reason is Liability.  With all the dangers involved and me being aware of most of those dangers I would be liable and responsible for you if something were to happen to you.
Diver lost searching for megalodon shark teeth

Dangerous Diving
The kind of diving I do for megalodon teeth is dangerous. There are a ton of things that make the kind of diving I do for megalodon teeth dangerous, many are outlined well in this article "Is Darkwater Diving Dangerous?" but the short answer is yes, sometimes very dangerous.
Cold water scuba diving for megalodon shark teeth charters not allowed

Unpredictable Weather
Diving in coastal rivers and the ocean in the southeast United States for megalodon teeth means that I am susceptible to quick and drastic changes in the weather.  Sometimes a dive looking for fossil teeth can put me under the water for over an hour, and during that time the weather can change drastically.  Some of the areas I dive are remote and with lightning, high winds, and heavy rain the potential for a bad situation due to weather is real.
Bad weather for megalodon tooth diving

Marine Life
The waters that I dive in searching for megalodon teeth are the homes of sharks, alligators, stingrays, venomous snakes, and other dangerous marine life.  Sometimes diving in low to no visibility encounters with these marine animals can be dangerous and not the kind of situation you which you want to put a charter shark tooth diver.
Dangerous marine life when scuba diving for fossils

Specialized Equipment
To do the kind of scuba diving I do for megalodon teeth requires not only specialized equipment, but the familiarity in how to use it with no visibility, in strong currents, and in entanglement situations.  Having the equipment is not enough, you need hundreds of dives using the equipment to be proficient with it when, not if, something goes wrong during the dive looking for fossil megalodon teeth.  Some charters may require you to take a reel, SMB, or other equipment. The kind of diving I do requires not only a lot of specialized gear,  but extensive experience using it in bad conditions.
Expensive scuba equipment diving for megalodon teeth

Dark Water
Most of the rivers that I dive in searching for megalodon teeth are not suitable for a charter diver guest for the primary reason that there is no visibility.  The inability to see your gauges, equipment, or underwater hazards is a significant danger when fossil diving and compounds the other dangers.
If you are interested in information about the dark water diving experience check out the article "Really How Dark Is It Down There?" for some insight on diving in dark water for megalodon teeth.
Low visibility dark water scuba diving, no place for a charter

Swift Current
Many of the dives I do for megalodon teeth are in coastal rivers, and the tidal swings can cause current to go from mild to over 2 knots.  Most people cannot swim against a 2 knot current without dive gear on, and then with dive gear it is not possible to swim against the current and the diver has to pull themselves along the river bottom which requires very heavy lead weight belts, significant strength, and specialized equipment.  The swift current makes missing the boat and being washed downriver or out to sea a real possibility and not something someone on a megalodon tooth charter should be expected to deal with.
Swift current diving for fossil shark teeth on scuba

Moderate to High Chance of Being Injured
With the swift current, sharp rocks, no visibility, dangerous marine life, stray fishing hooks, and glass there is a good chance you would sustain an injury if I took you on a megalodon tooth diving charter.  There are many ways you can become injured while diving for megalodon teeth.  That coupled with the fact that I often dive in remote areas means that it is not an activity or environment that I would take a megalodon charter guest.
Injury sustained while diving for megalodon teethFinger injured dark water diving

Several Divers Have Recently Died Tooth Diving
Some of the potential issues and dangers above have contributed in the loss of life of several megalodon tooth divers over the past few years.  Some of these deaths have been megalodon charter guests relatively new to fossil tooth diving, while others have been scuba divers with significant experience both with tooth diving and scuba diving in general.  The risks are real and unfortunately there have been multiple tooth diving deaths for the past several years.
Diver lost searching for megalodon fossils

I Would Feel Guilty
Hopefully; you have read or at least skimmed the reasons above that tooth diving is dangerous and why I don’t take people on charter megalodon trips.  With the relatively high chance of something bad happening to you, and me knowing the dangers I would feel guilty if you were injured or died on a megalodon tooth charter.  I would have to answer to your wife, kids, parents, about how I knew the dangers involved and took you out on a megalodon tooth charter. 
Diver died searching for megalodon fossils on scuba

Secret Spots
Everyone assumes the reason that I will not take them on a megalodon tooth charter is I have secret spots I don’t want to share with them or put in jeopardy. I put this point at the end this article because this is really the last reason I will not take you megalodon tooth diving.  Yes, I do have areas that I have spent hundreds of hours finding and do not want to share with people.  However; this could be overcome by me taking you on a scuba diving charter for megalodon teeth in an area that was not a secret. The real reason I can not take you with me diving is for all the reasons listed above, and many more. 

Secret dive site for megalodon shark teeth

I mentioned liability at the start of this article and will mention it again.  After reading through all of the items above would you take someone diving for megalodon shark teeth as a charter?  If something happened to them and their family or their family’s lawyer asked you why you took them knowing those dangers, what would you say?

I hope this article has been helpful explaining why I cannot take you on a megalodon shark tooth charter dive.  There are operators who will take you diving for megalodon teeth, but I am not one of them.  The areas I dive are simply too dangerous in my opinion to take you. I understand you want to come diving with me, I hope you can understand for the reasons listed above and so many others why I cannot.

It is frustrating telling people “no” all the time, especially friends and people who are very passionate about finding a megalodon tooth on a scuba charter.  But telling people “no” is way better than telling that person’s family they will not be coming home.


If you would like to buy a megalodon tooth or other fossilized shark tooth you can do so at my online store.

If you are looking for a charter to take you out I can not, but do have the contact information and relationships of tooth diving charters who may, send me a DM or email for info.