Fossil Megalodon Shark Tooth Sink Countertop

When an existing bathroom sink countertop was damaged, Jason of Dark Water Megs decided he wanted to not only upgrade, but replace his countertop.  After looking at available options he decided that none really appealed to him.  During the process Jason happened to lay some fossil shark teeth on his kitchen countertop and  when he walked back into the room he noticed how nice the teeth looked laid on the counter.

Shark Tooth Sink

From there he began the process of creating a countertop that would incorporate fossil shark teeth, including megalodon, mako, great white, and snaggle teeth.

Shark Tooth Countertop

The process involved many trial runs, wasted materials, and forever encased fossil teeth.  The entire build took about 30-40 hours to make the countertop then about an hour to install it.

Fossil Shark Tooth Countertop

The end result is a shark tooth sink countertop that is a one of a kind and adds a unique touch to the space.

Unfortunately the skill of making a shark tooth counter top is pretty specific and there are no other rooms in need of a shark tooth sink.

If you are interested in purchasing fossil shark teeth including megalodon teeth you can find them for sale at my online store.

So whether or not you have a fossil shark tooth sink, don't forget to wash your hands.

Shark Tooth Countertop Sink


This shark tooth sink project started out as many home improvement or renovations go, with big dreams and the expectation of few problems; however, this project took much more time and had way more setbacks than initially expected. 

The goal was to have a countertop that a modern sink would fit into that was decorated with fossil shark teeth.  The shark teeth would be genuine and all of them being different sizes and colors would add to the aesthetic of the shark tooth sink.

The first challenge was selecting a base to work off of that would work, be sturdy enough to support the project, be visually pleasing, and would complement the shark teeth used in the sink project without distracting from them.  After doing several tests and forever encasing many shark teeth, a material and color was selected that would work.  These initial tests were critical as during the layering process colors changed significantly and once teeth were placed there was no going back.


While it was a bit of a shame to have to commit several dozen fossil shark teeth to the test shark tooth sink countertops those tests proved invaluable.  Several materials selected early on in the process seemed to be a good fit, but later would discolor the shark teeth or had stability problems.  Those teeth are now permanently encased in those test shark tooth counter tops and may be used as coasters or paperweights to serve as a reminder of the many failed attempts that were made before creating the current and spectacular shark tooth sink counter you see today.

There were other challenges such as tooth placement, making sure the piece and different components were perfectly level, issues caused by all of the teeth being different sizes, and general fit and finish issues.

After a few weeks and many hours of work, the shark tooth sink was completed and installed. After some basic plumbing installation to make sure the fossil shark tooth counter and sink were fully functional, the end result is what you see in the pictures above.


You can purchase your own fossil shark teeth at the online store if you are interested in buying a authentic megalodon tooth or other fossilized shark tooth.