How to buy a megalodon tooth for a child

Considerations when buying a megalodon tooth for a child.
What kind of megalodon tooth to give a child as a gift.
What age to buy a megalodon tooth for a kid.

Kid with a dark water megs megalodon tooth

A question I get very frequently is “What kind of megalodon tooth should I buy for a child?” in this article I will try to cover some of the common questions and considerations when purchasing a megalodon tooth or other fossil for a young person.

Many kids are interested in dinosaurs, megalodon, and creatures from the ancient past.  This fascination can be magnified and focused with a tangible piece of the past.  When purchasing a megalodon tooth for a young person keep the following in mind to help you make a good decision.  The following is by no means scientific or all encompassing but simply based on years of giving and observing kids receiving a megalodon tooth or other fossil shark teeth as a gift.

For the most part when it comes to kids and megalodon teeth size is king.  If your budget allows you may be able to afford a large tooth in good condition, but for the most part you will get the most bang for your buck by purchasing a less than perfect megalodon tooth that is large.
Kid with a dark water megs megalodon tooth

A tooth that is well fossilized is best as there is a good chance the tooth will be handled a lot.  A tooth found in water, especially in the SE United states is a good bet for a durable tooth as opposed to those found in dry desert locations.  I am fortunate that the areas I dive produce very dense and well fossilized teeth that are more resilient to cracking due to being handled than ones discovered on land.

When deciding on how much to spend on a fossil megalodon tooth for a gift for a child price needs to be part of the equation.  A few things to consider are:
- The tooth may be broken due to being handled a lot
- You may want to purchase two teeth, one for handling and one in nicer condition for display
- Unlike many other gifts bought for children a Megalodon tooth will keep its value if not appreciate.  The same can likely not be said for plastic toys or video games
- The purchase should inspire and hopefully intensify an interest in science


After giving fossil shark teeth to several children and watching a bunch of kids receive megalodon teeth the most common reactions are  “Wooaaaaa………is that real?”
You want to be able to answer that question simply with “yes”.  While some fossil replicas have their place the ability for a child to see, hold and own a “REAL MEGALODON” tooth is significant.  Ensure that you do not mistakenly purchase a megalodon tooth that has undisclosed repairs, or even worse is a replica that is being touted as authentic. 
*All megalodon teeth and other fossils sold by Dark Water Megs are genuine fossils and have no repair or restoration.*
Kid with a dark water megs megalodon tooth

A child’s age should also be considered when buying a megalodon tooth.  Certainly if the child is very young they should be supervised when handling the tooth and purchasing one large enough that it could not be a choking hazard may want to be considered.  As children get older and are more responsible, careful, and coordinated a nicer and therefore more expensive tooth might be an option.

Child’s Investment
Some parents, guardians, or friends of children choose to let the child purchase their own tooth or a portion of it as a way of learning about money and making purchases.  For some situations this is a useful lesson especially when reflected upon weeks, months, or years later when the megalodon tooth still has value and potentially other purchased items are no longer hold any sentimental or monetary value.

Megalodon Tooth Information and Accessories
When purchasing a tooth for a child or young person you should ask the seller if there is information sent with the tooth.  Having pertinent information about the tooth, the shark species, etc can make the fossil much more intrinsically valuable and interesting to the child.  Also consider purchasing a stand or box with the tooth so that it has a “place” among the child’s things.
*At Dark Water Megs all the megalodon teeth come with information about the species and in the order notes if you mention the tooth is for a child I will include some extra items at no cost.*

When Appropriate Let the Child Pick
While it is not always an option for several reasons; when possible allow a child to pick their tooth.  The reason for this is assuming teeth around the same size and budget range we all (even children) have preferences.  Some people like lower teeth, others upper. Some like teeth with a curve and some people enjoy more symmetrical teeth from the center of the shark’s mouth. 

Don’t Over Think It!

The good news is that for the most part kids love fossils, sharks, and ancient creatures.  I have never witnessed a child receive their first megalodon tooth and not be blown away and very excited.  So if you are trying to get your kid interested in the prehistoric past and science, or simply need a great gift for a child consider a fossil megalodon shark tooth.  If you would like to purchase a diver direct tooth you can do so here at my online store for fossil megalodon teeth.