Tips on how to buy a megalodon tooth as a gift

Megalodon tooth as a birthday present
Fossil shark tooth as a Christmas gift

So you want to purchase a megalodon tooth or a fossil shark tooth for someone as a gift and have no idea where to start?  In this article I will go over some things to look for and to consider when purchasing a real megalodon tooth as a gift for someone.

Gift of a megalodon shark tooth

Budget for a megalodon tooth gift
When looking at any gift you will likely have a budget range in mind. The same is true when looking to purchase a megalodon tooth as a gift for someone.  While you can spend as little as $10 and as much as $10,000 on a megalodon tooth as a gift, an average range is between $30 and $300. It will be up to you to decide on what your budget is based on the kind of gift you want to get, what you can afford, and what kind of megalodon you want to give as a gift.
How much you spend on a megalodon gift will depend on a few factors including:
Size – the larger the megalodon tooth is the more it will cost.
Condition – the nicer condition and better preservation the fossil shark tooth has the more it will be.
Seller- the person or business selling you the megalodon tooth will have a price set based on their overhead, desired profit margin, and place in the megalodon chain of custody.  If they purchased the tooth from someone who purchased it from someone else who purchased it, their price and your cost will be higher. 
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Buy an authentic megalodon tooth as a gift
Genuine Megalodon
When purchasing a megalodon fossil as a gift for someone the most important thing for you as the giver and them as the recipient is that the tooth is REAL.  Even if the tooth is on the small side, has condition issues, and did not cost much you want to be able to answer “yes” when they say “wow a megalodon tooth! Is this real?”.  Make sure the tooth you purchased as a gift is real and free of undisclosed repair or restoration to ensure it is a great gift that will retain value and spark imagination for years to come.
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Nice condition megalodon fossil for a present
Size vs Condition
Typically the rule of thumb is buy as large and as nice of a tooth as you can with your budget, but at some point you may have to choose between a very large tooth with condition issues and a great condition tooth that is smaller.  In general, children almost always prefer a larger tooth to a smaller one in better condition.  For adults it varies, but more often than not someone who has never seen or held a megalodon tooth before, or a new collector will be more drawn to larger teeth over nicer condition megalodon teeth.  If giving a tooth as a gift to someone who already has some fossil shark teeth that are large you might want to consider one that is in nicer condition or has different colors than the existing teeth in their collection.

Cleaned or uncleaned megalodon as a gift for someone
Cleaned vs Uncleaned
When considering whether to purchase a megalodon that is cleaned or uncleaned as a gift for someone there are a couple of things to consider.  If the tooth is going to be handled a lot, picked up and passed around, carried around by a child, etc you will likely want a tooth that has been cleaned.  Cleaned teeth will not have any of the dirt, grit, or dead plant matter on them that an uncleaned tooth would, and with significant handling those things can come off.  However; if the person receiving the gift will not be handling it extensively, you may want to consider an uncleaned tooth as it shows it exactly how it was found underwater.  If someone has cleaned teeth in their collection considering purchasing an uncleaned tooth for them as a gift, and visa versa.

Shipping a megalodon tooth as a gift
Shipping Times
If you are purchasing a megalodon tooth as a gift that needs to be there by a specific date or holiday keep shipping times in mind.  You can have the tooth sent to you and gift it in person or you can have the megalodon shipped to the recipient, just try to allow enough time for the package to arrive in plenty of time.

Display stand for gifting a megalodon tooth
Display Stand
Due to the shape and weight of fossil megalodon teeth they will tend to lay flat when set down, because of this to display one you may want to consider a stand or frame.  When purchasing a tooth as a gift it is best to purchase a tooth that comes with a stand or a stand from the same seller so you can assure the tooth will fit correctly in the stand.  Many times people who receive a megalodon tooth as a gift will later have to go out and find a stand on their own and may have varying success.
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Include a certificate of authenticity with a megalodon gift
Certificate of Authenticity
The most common thing someone says after unwrapping a megalodon tooth they got as a gift is “wow is this real?”  With the large amount of fake and restored megalodon teeth that are on the market it may be a good idea to purchase a megalodon tooth as a gift that can have a COA added to it.  Make sure the COA is issued and made correctly so that it holds weight and retains the value of the tooth.  Having a good quality COA with the fossil shark tooth will make it immediately evident to the recipient that the tooth they received is real along with adding to the value of the tooth over time.
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Buy your megalodon tooth gift from a reputable source
Reputable Source
After making the decision that you want to purchase a megalodon or other fossil shark tooth for someone, you will want to ensure you are purchasing from a trustworthy and reputable source.  Make sure you are purchasing from an established seller with good Google reviews and a long standing track record to ensure you get what you pay for.  In addition make sure to vet the seller to guarantee the tooth you are buying has not been restored or repaired. 

A megalodon shark tooth or other fossilized shark tooth makes a great gift.  There are not many things you can purchase that are millions of years old and will last forever, go up in value, and provide the recipient a glimpse into the ancient past.

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