Display options for megalodon shark teeth.

There are several options for displaying your fossil megalodon teeth, some good, some bad.
This article goes over the good and bad options for fossil shark tooth displays.

Display Options for Megalodon Teeth

There are many ways in which you can display a megalodon or other fossil shark tooth, and there are several factors you should consider when determining which is the best option for your shark tooth collection.

Your megalodon display options are varied and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are a wide range of styles and materials for you to choose from when deciding on how to display your megalodon shark tooth.

Requirements – At the very least your megalodon display should abide by some, if not all of the requirements listed below.

Strong mount for megalodon teeth on wall

Safe and Sturdy – When displaying a fossil that is millions of years old, you should chose a display stand or mount that will securely display your megalodon tooth. You do not want a display that is poorly designed or constructed to result in your fossil shark tooth being broken. The display should be made of quality materials and in such a way that will hold, suspend, or otherwise display the megalodon tooth in a secure and safe way.

Simple wall mout for megalodon tooth

Not Distracting – The display stand should help display and draw attention to the megalodon tooth, not detract from it. Ensuring the stand is made of materials that do not reflect poorly on the tooth or distract from it are important. The design of the stand or display should also have the priority of making the fossil megalodon tooth look its best, not making the stand itself be the star. Some stands available are made from shiny or glossy materials that are reminiscent of a cheap trophy or gaudy fair prize. These low-quality stands make an ancient fossil from the world’s greatest predator look cheap and distract from the natural beauty of the megalodon tooth.

Stimple stand for wall mount megalodon tooth display

Good Fit – The display for your megalodon tooth should be sized correctly. A display or stand that is too small for the megalodon tooth can cause it to fall or become easily dislodged, while a display item that is too big can be very aesthetically displeasing. When sizing your fossil tooth stand it is important to have the end result be a fit that is secure and makes the tooth look good.

Metal upright megalodon tooth stand

Quality Materials – A good megalodon tooth stand will be made of materials that are sturdy, long lasting, and enhance the appearance of the fossil tooth, not detract from it. Cost is a key factor for many producers of megalodon displays, so it is important to ensure that you are purchasing a display stand that is made of quality materials to not distract or detract from your ancient fossil megalodon tooth.



Types of Megalodon Displays

Wood Stand With Powder Coated Metal Upright For Megalodon Tooth – A popular stand option sold by Dark Water Megs is the Wood Stand With Powder Coated Metal Upright. This stand style makes the megalodon tooth the star, while securely holding the tooth in a vertical position for better viewing.



Wall mount kit for megalodon teeth

Wall Mount Megalodon Stands Full 5 Piece Kit – Utilizing the same high quality steel metal mentioned in the stands above, the Wall Mount Megalodon Stand is a unique way of displaying a megalodon tooth on a wall instead of on a horizontal surface.

Megalodon on acrylic stand

Acrylic Megalodon Tooth Stands – These stands are not as sturdy or attractive as the two previously mentioned options; however, they are very inexpensive and a decent option when budget is a factor and for displaying smaller teeth.

Floating frame for megalodon tooth

Floating Frames – The Dark Water Megs Floating Frames are a way to display smaller fossil shark teeth vertically. While they will not accommodate large megalodon teeth, these floating frames allow for fossil shark teeth to be displayed in a unique way that allows the collector to display the front or the back of the tooth facing in the direction that they choose.

Shadow box framed megalodon tooth

Framed Megalodon Teeth – While not a great option for all teeth, having a megalodon mounted in a frame or shadowbox frame is another way to display the tooth on a wall or freestanding on a flat surface. The mounting process is semi-permanent, and this is a good option for someone wanting to display just one side of a tooth.

Megalodon tooth in wood gift box

Wooden Box – Depending on the size and desired display orientation, a wood box with a hinged lid can be a nice way to display a tooth along with protecting it when moving it or while it is not being displayed. This style box can be a good option if the collector decides that they want the tooth to be easy to handle on a regular basis as the tooth can be picked up and put back down easily with this kind of display.

Megalodon tooth without display stand

Laying it Down – If none of the above display options are a good fit for a tooth in your collection you always have the option of simply laying it down on a sturdy and flat surface. While not the most elegant solution it is the cheapest and easiest way to display your megalodon shark tooth.

When deciding on how to display your megalodon shark tooth or other fossil shark tooth you have a wide variety of options. Much of the decision process will come down to personal preference and what you think will accentuate and best display your tooth. As long as you choose a display or stand that is made of quality materials and has a good fit while satisfying your aesthetic preferences you should be just fine.

If you would like a high quality display stand or wall mount for your megalodon shark tooth you can purchase one at the Dark Water Megs online store found here.

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Here at Dark Water Megs I sell stands and mounts for megalodon teeth not because it is particularly profitable or otherwise rewarding. I do it because I want the tooth you purchase to look great in your collection and in order for that to happen you need a quality display.

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How to display a megalodon or other fossil shark tooth